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Medicare Supplement Insurance

Medicare is a health insurance program that is set up through the federal government in order to provide health insurance coverage to persons who have reached their 65th birthday. Anyone 65 and older can sign up to receive this insurance, as well as those who have been deemed disabled and/or those who have permanent kidney failure, also known as End Stage Renal Disease.

It is important to understand that like all health insurance plans, Medicare is not perfect. There are many people who feel that this program does not cover enough of their medical expenses, while others have all the coverage that they need. Most conditions from which patients recover are covered by Medicare. Most home care, nursing homes and other assisted living facilities however are often not covered by Medicare benefits.

Those who do receive Medicare benefits are likely covered under the original plan. This is the plan which requires beneficiaries to pay premiums for Parts B and D as well as some of their health care that is covered under Parts A and C. Coinsurance and deductible fees are required and these fees change each year on the first of January.

For answers to more questions about Medicare coverage, Medicare provides booklets to seniors and those who may qualify for coverage. For those who wish to use Medicare in addition to private insurance, there are different plans that are available. These plans are supplemental to Medicare and help to fill in the gaps where Medicare coverage may not pay for specific needs.

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